Thursday, December 29, 2011

Letting Go

I sit on the floor, my legs splayed and I attempt to stretch. Without really realizing it, I usually take this time to compare my flexibility at 46 with what I had as a dance-troupe member at 16...and then I tighten up.

It makes stretching harder. It takes longer.

I decided to try something new. I emptied my mind and just stretched. I stopped berating myself and started to rejoice in the fact that I'm here and it's now. 30 years ago is just that. It's 30 years gone. This minute, though, is pretty fucking awesome. Look at me. I rule!

I felt my muscles lengthen and relax into the bend. I breathed. I felt warmth flow through the tendons and sinews, causing them to lengthen. I stretched further. My forehead loomed close, not quite on my knee but closer than it's come in a very long time.

By letting go, I stared at my knee, now up close and personal. How long will it take for me to rest my head on it comfortably?

I couldn't say....but sooner if I can just remember to let go.

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